Hours and invoices

Time registration for professionals

With us, there is still a long preliminary process before you start writing hours. What do you agree with your customer? Are the hours billed afterwards or does the customer purchase a bundle (strip card) and pay for it in advance. What if the hours are up, may it be increased in the meantime? Do you provide a monthly service for a fixed amount, possibly in combination with on-site hardware at the customer? Here, too, you want to register your hours in order to check afterwards whether it is all profitable. If you write hours on a shift, it may happen that they have to be billed outside the subscription, you can use the "Standard change requests" for this.

The Ubbels.com platform covers all of this. A quotation can consist of 3 different components, products that you want to deliver, a service (service / subscription) that is invoiced per period or an amount of hours that you want to offer.

As soon as a sale is confirmed, the associated projects and services are automatically activated. You can write hours on a project. You can see in real time what is happening and what can be invoiced. If you want to pay for the hours worked, you simply start a "Settlement". You indicate up to and including which day the hours should be included. The system makes a settlement for each project / customer. A report is included with the settlement which must be validated by your customer. After validation, the invoice is created.

Within the settlement, this process is neatly arranged, you can see exactly what the status is for each project / customer: the report still has to be sent to the customer, the customer still has to validate, the invoice still has to be sent. Within a project that has not yet been validated, you have the option to make corrections and to generate and send the report again.

If you would like to know more about our powerful "Hours and invoices" solution, please contact us. We will give you direct access to a system that you can experiment with yourself and where we will gladly help you to make our solution your own.