Amazon Vendor Central

Complete ERP integration for the cloud

With our Amazon Vendor Central connector you can now use the platform as your central ERP system where you process all orders. Our platform automatically checks what is in stock and assigns it to the relevant orders, if there is not enough stock, POs are automatically created and linked to the SO. You can work with remote locations at your suppliers, with your suppliers holding inventory for you. In this way you can very quickly and accurately report back to Amazon whether the desired quantities can be delivered.

You can register incoming goods by means of barcode scanning. In case incoming products are for a specific SO, you can indicate whether the products should be packed in a new box or in a box that is not yet completely full. 

Our connector automatically collects the orders from Amazon and processes them in the ERP system. You check the processed orders for correctness before the ERP system sends a POA back to Amazon. You prepare the order for shipment, possibly merge orders if they go to the same location, packed in boxes and / or on pallets. As soon as the order is ready for shipment, this is automatically reported to Amazon by means of the ASN. For the ASN, boxes and pallets, labels with barcodes are generated in PDF format. The boxes are given an SSCC number (You must conclude an agreement with a GS1 provider).

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